Monday, 17 November 2014

A Handmade Childhood : Stroller Blanket

It is alarming how fast time is going, already I am entering my third trimester. Every weekend is taken over with getting different chores and tasks done before the baby arrives. It also means I need to get some baby projects under my belt. This week I made this stroller blanket that was wonderfully easy to do and a great asset considering similar blankets sell in baby stores for at least $45. It is one piece of quilting weight cotton backed with fleece. The baby is scheduled to arrive in February and a cold winter  has been predicted so this will keep her cozy. I love this pattern and I love that the blanket is not ultra girly or cutesy.  The finished size is 30 1/2" x 30 1/2" and the fleece makes it lightweight but soft and warm. I will give you one warning, fleece can be quite stretchy. If you use a sewing machine, loosen the tension a little and pick a longer stitch or zig zag, having a larger seam allowance, as opposed to the tradition quarter inch helps too.
I got the cherry blossom fabric from 'Gather Fabrics' on Etsy. She has a lovely selection of patterns including child friendly designs. Here are some other fabric suggestions, I've got to admit it took a lot of willpower not to buy them all myself.:

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You Will Need
31 inch square of patterned fabric in cotton poplin/quilting weight cotton or linen
31 inch square of fleece OR cotton batting for a lighter blanket
Sewing machine
  • Pin the right side of the fabric to the less fluffy side of the fleece
  • Sew with a half inch seam but leave a couple of inches not sewed so you can turn it the right way
  • Remove all pins!
  • Turn right side out and use a broad knitting needle or stick of some kind to poke into the corners to make them sharp
  • Iron the blanket
  • Fold the seams of the fleece and cotton in where the opening is and pin together
  • Sew this up
  • You're done!
This was a quick project but you could make one with a patchwork top or simply applique some fun shapes onto the fleece itself. I am thinking of making one with lighter cotton batting for the warmer months.  It could be a great gift too: make a bigger one for a bedspread or a lap blanket.

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