Thursday, 20 November 2014

Book Review: Folk Art Cross Stitch Designs

Cross-stitch has progressed since I learned to do it. Back then the patterns were of flowers, cottages or children-themed items like teddy bears. The colors were pastel and old-fashioned. As a result I loved the activity of making the projects but not so much the end result. So when I found this book about fifteen years ago, I was relieved to finally find designs that I liked.  I still find the designs relevant and tend to re-visit the same projects over and over (check out the heart shape ornaments and the gingerbread sachet that could be made into lovely Xmas ornaments). One of the things I love about folk art patterns is that they don't seem to date. The book also solves another problem I had when doing cross-stitch - what to do with the finished product? Obviously you can make them into pictures but there are only so many cross-stitch pictures you can put on your wall. Instead there are ideas for picture frames, baby mobiles, bags etc.

The instructions are clear and even if you've never done cross-stitch before you can pick it up quickly, it's really not that hard. 

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