Thursday, 13 November 2014

Xmas is Coming - to time to get crafting!

I LOVE autumn, always have. Growing up I didn't care for school much and so September was depressing as it meant a new school year and new miseries. There was however a silver lining to the massive grey cloud of school and that was Halloween, Bonfire Night, my birthday (which was on Friday) and then Christmas. The weather would be crisp or wet and foggy which was mysterious and thrilling. Now that I am grown up I still love autumn and it's nice to be in a country that gets so excited about the season. People decorate their houses, go crazy for Halloween and although Americans don't celebrate Bonfire Night, I plan to bring it to my circle of friends. AND now there's another holiday to celebrate - Thanksgiving!

Additionally there is the anticipation of the holidays and if you're into making handmade gifts and crafts it's time to get organized. Making things for the holidays is part of the fun of it, but I recommend starting early so you don't feel rushed and panicked when December comes. So here are some ideas from my Pinterest boards.

Xmas Decorations
So many ways to decorate your pad! I have a penchant for red and white with Scandinavian patterns, but as you will see there are many diffrent little projects you can try. With expecting a baby, for me it's all about creating traditions. When I was growing up certain decorations and rituals were what made Xmas important to me. So many decorations are made from plastic and are poor quality, making ones that will serve for years to come is a great investment especially if you do them with friends and/or family.

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Homemade Gifts
Maybe after making all your great ornaments you get a little tired of sewing, this board has quite a few ideas for different homemade gifts, including making tea blends, natural cosmetics and more.

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Wearable Gifts
This board has cool ideas for accessories to make for those in your life who like some original style. Be brave and try the Star Wars pumps!
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