Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekend Busy-ness

Well it's a chilly Monday morning and I began the day by stopping by our new neighborhood doughnut shop called Hole. There is perhaps nothing more satisfying to this pregnant lady than a fresh doughnut, still warm eaten hungrily in the cold morning. Daily I am reminded of how lucky I am to live where I live and sometimes I daydream about taking my daughter to all these cool places. Asheville has a lot going for it, especially its support small local businesses and creative pursuits.

It has been a busy weekend. We drove to Ikea on Saturday to buy baby stuff. the nearest store is in Charlotte - two hours drive away. I grew up going to Ikea in Britain, our family love it so it was pretty exciting to get to go. The stores are all laid out the same way so I immediately felt at home as soon as I walked in. My husband kept remarking on the lack of staff and when we got to the area where you actually pick up the furniture he asked 'Do we get somebody?'. I have to say, I found this quite funny. The whole point of Ikea is you do it yourself, that's one of the ways they keep prices down. We totally nailed it and got everything we needed. Not that it wasn't pretty exhausting.

Some of you may raise your eyebrows at our buying mass-produced items when this blog is all about handmade, but we are on a budget, plus we have already bought lots of local items so my conscience is clear.

Last week was spent doing lots of research on blogging, books on crafts etc. and I have learned a great deal from the blog Fabulous Blogging. I am also beginning to realize that the game has changed drastically since I started this blog five years ago and I have to accept that my learning curve is going to be steep. When everyone jumped on the blogging bandwagon it was all about posting as often as possible, using keywords for SEO etc. Now it's about quality and understanding how all the social platforms work. There's been a lot of decluttering of my various social networking sites, but I think it will pay off in the long run.
Now all I need to do is find the time get some projects done to share with you all and to use for the book!

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