Monday, 27 October 2014

Learning Fundamentals

 I am not really sure why I did it, but a year ago on a whim I signed up for a collage class at my local community college (which is where I also work) AB Tech. It was an evening class and I was very nervous when I first started. I have never been very good at fine arts - drawing, painting etc. and thought that I was probably wasting my time. I did it anyway and then did several other classes after that from acrylic painting to drawing.

It's actually been amazing how much I have improved in these skills, but I have learned so many other things too. Mainly, creativity it is work, not some ethereal thing bestowed on the chosen few. Anyone really can draw or paint, I've seen it in myself and in my classmates. It takes time and effort but the rewards are huge. These classes have been key in teaching me about color, design, shape, form, textures and many other concepts that one needs if design and creativity are the aim.
 In particular learning to draw from nature has been an eye opener and I hope to use some of the drawings I did to create textiles and prints that I will share with you all. The more I immerse myself in these pursuits the more I realize it's going to take time to develop a following online as well as develop my projects, but that is more than fine, it's what makes it addictive. Part of the reason I got involved in all this again after so many false starts is because my present work is not very challenging. I want something that will surprise and motivate me everyday and while I am far from making this my main path in life, it is heartening to remember that I have this other life when my day job gets me down.  I also hope that this love will be passed on to my daughter, and that art and creativity will be regarded by her as an essential in life. But if she doesn't and she prefers to play sports, I guess I will still love her!
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