Thursday, 5 November 2009

Soft Stackables

We had quite a bit of foam left over from the chaise longue pad so I decided to cut it into four and cover them with the same chitenge fabric we have been using for the living space. These can be used as scatter pads for extra seating, extra padding on the seats, or to rest your feet on! Because we have a mix and match style to the room, cushions and pads can be moved around as we like for however we want to be comfortable.

The reed mat was an absolute bargain buy, they are used outside a lot here for sitting on, they are really comfortable and I plan to keep this one in here for lounging. I will keep it rolled up when we're not using it though because the room gets so dusty. It's also been useful as a space for cutting out fabric so I don't pick up any of the dust off the floor. It goes really well with the natural fibres of the room and lightens it nicely.

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