Monday, 9 November 2009

Kabulonga Craft Market

On the last Saturday of every month a craft market is held at the Dutch Reform Church in an area of Lusaka called Kabulonga. It's a definite highlight of my month, for sale are a tremendous array of crafts, as wells as plants and fresh produce. It's also inevitable that I will bump into someone I know, as it seems to be the highlight of many Lusaka dwellers' calendar as well. Even if you're not up for some retail therapy, it's a great chance to eat anything from home made cakes to fresh Chinese dumplings or BBQ. I was also thrilled to see a couple of used book stalls, new books here are so expensive, so the chance to buy some at a cut price is great.

If you've been following my blogs, you will know we are currently decorating our new home and we bought a few gems at the market that were pretty reasonable. The pictures show the 'Zam Leather' stall selling hides and footballs made by the organization my husband is working for – 'Alive and Kicking'. We bought from them some funky place mats and coasters made from leather and cow hide.

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