Friday, 30 October 2009

Intelligent Patterning

With so many amazing different patterns and colours of chitenge it is very tempting to go crazy and use as many as possible in a new place like ours. We have so many windows that need curtains and opportunities for upholstering. We have been very careful though, because we don't want an over the top colour scheme. Here we put together the 3 fabrics we are sticking to for the d├ęcor of the living space. We think they match nicely and are not too over the top – the yellow print is bright and funky with the 60s style flowers, but it is complimented nicely by the pale aquamarine and gold one. We fell in love with the retro pattern on the black chitenge but have had to use it very carefully – our floors and furniture is quite dark and the print could have looked quite heavy. Instead, I cut the pattern out and used it on ecru curtain fabric so that the design is showcased and not lost against the dark wood of the floor. We have continued to use the ecru fabric as borders to maintain a uniform design.

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