Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Retro Applique Curtains

If you have been following the process of us decorating our house, you will know we are inspired by retro designs. These curtains really bring that side of the room out and I am pretty proud of them. I appliqu├ęd the pattern onto the ecru curtains as the fabric itself is quite dark, and anyway the pieces were too short for the windows. I did them by hand and each curtain took a day to make. I played around with design a little bit first so I had my pieces in a pattern that I liked.

I simply drew a circle around each pattern with tailors chalk, cut them out at least a ¼ inch away from the outline, snipped the shape all the way around up to the chalk line, pinned the shape to the curtain, folded under the sections and sewed together with a running stitch in thread that matches the curtain. The curtains were then hung using my safety pin method.

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