Sunday, 18 October 2009

A New Addition

I would like to introduce my new and rather ornate looking sewing machine! I have been looking into sewing machines for a while but the more modern ones are pretty pricey, and since I have a good sewing machine back in the UK, AND I want one for a short time here, it seemed silly to buy an expensive one. Thankfully, my favourite taxi driver Litiyah also has a secret talent Рhe makes a fabulous personal shopper and new exactly where to take me to find something basic and affordable. So here we have the 'Flying Dove'. It looks like a Singer but is more cheaply made, when I saw it in the shop it was a manual with a hand crank, which would be a great work out for my arm! Anyway, for a little extra they were able to fit a motor so that I can use it with electricity. It works fine, though there is no zig zag stitch, the thread snaps and the motor smokes a little when you go too fast, but I managed to make some curtains with it, and I find it easier to operate than more fancy machines. I don't think it is up to things like appliqu̩, but I prefer to do that by hand anyway.

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