Monday, 13 July 2009

Clutch Bag Tutorial Part 2

Sorry for the wait! What with getting married, working and trying to get my Etsy shop up and running, I barely have time to actually do any crafts these days! But things will calm down in August, I hope.

Anyway, here's the second part of the clutch bag tutorial. This will take you up to sewing the layers together. Part 3 will deal with fitting the zip.

After sewing your two halves together, your bag should look a bit like this.

Next, you need to add the centre piece of fabric. Put the open hole over the wrong side of the fabric you want to use and draw a circle. Cut this out with a 1/4 inch seam and pin to your bag.

Turn over and slip stitch tiny stitches all the way round.

When this is done, remove the papers from the fan (these can be used again if you are careful!),make your quilting sandwich using the batting and lining fabric. Allow excess for batting and lining, it comes out smaller after quilting.

You can now pin the layers together for quilting. Either quilt straight lines throught the fronds of the fan or 'in the ditch', following the seam.

Next, fold the lining and and outside patchwork edges inwards a few millimeters and sew the layers together using whipstitch. Or you could add bias binding and machine stitch.

You now have a disc ready to fold in half to add the zip!

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