Monday, 29 June 2009

New Ways with Patchwork: Clutch Bag Tutorial Part 1

I originally found this design in a book my friend has on patchwork bags, I LOVE fan patchwork and it's the perfect project for my pending nuptials. Months back when we first got engaged, I went mad buying kimono silk with the idea of maybe using them for the wedding. Well here's my chance. The bag is just the right size for lipstick and the like.

I amended the pattern to my own method using paper piecing which I love. It is such a small project that it won't take long and you can use very small amounts of fabric.

You will need:

  • Scraps of fabric (size depends on how big the purse will be)
    Scrap paper for the paper templates
    Batting 2oz for a 24cm long bag

  • Inner fabric as above

  • Thread (sewing and quilting thread)

  • A zip

Here's part 1

First draw a circle as big as you want to clutch to be. Mine was drawn with a compass set to 12 cm.

Cut the circle out. To make the fronds you need to divide the circle into 16 equal segments. Do this by folding the circle eight times, mark the folds with a ruler and pen. Set a compass at 4 cm and draw this smaller circle in the centre of larger circle. Cut the large circle in half. Then cut out the semi-circles and then cut the 16 segments out - picture below.

The semi-circles you don't need but the fronds are for your paper piecing. Pin them to the wrong side of your fabric and cut them out with a 1/4 seam approx (sometimes use more). You will see I used pinking shears, this was to stop the fabric fraying - very common with some silks.

When you have cut out the fabric pieces, use a contrasting thread to tack the sides over the paper in biggish stitches. After, you can remove the pins.

Use the pieces to decide on your combination then take the two first put them right side to rights side, with the paper and fold seaming showing outward and whipstitch together. Continue until you have two semi-circles.

Part 2 will come when I do it myself - either tomorrow or day after!

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  1. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see part 2