Tuesday, 17 February 2009

In Praise of Paper Piecing

I decided I needed a change of pace from the quilting, hence the new hexagon project. It's great to be working with such fresh fabrics and I have always loved paper piecing.
Here are some brief instructions on having a go:
  • First, go here to find out how to draw an accurate hexagon

  • Make a template from cardboard or plastic
  • draw lots of hexagons onto old envelopes, magazine pages or whatever and cut them out.

  • Next, pin a paper hexagon to the wrong side of your desired fabric
  • Cut around the hexagon, allowing a 1/4 inch of fabric extra all the way around or at least to fold over the shape
  • Fold the edge of fabric over the paper and tack stitch all the way around
  • When you have a number of these, choose two put them against eachother flat and whip stitch along the edge with tiny stitches

Many quilters don't like paper piecing because it is a little time consuming, but I find it very relaxing. Each to their own.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you are so patient! I would never have the patience for this~