Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New Ebook of Nursery Sewing Projects Planned

Pablo, one of my assistants
Winne, another assistant
It was interesting when we announced to the world that the baby I am carrying is a girl. Suddenly it seemed more real to everyone, and our friends and family started to muse over what she would be like. What she be girly? Would she be a tomboy? In the words of Doris Day, Que Sera. Honestly, we have no idea who this little sprout will become. we can't control that directly. What we can do is decide who we want to be as parents and what sort of an example we want to set. My husband is generous and warm, so we have that covered! I on the other hand, looked at my life and thought. What I am doing is fine, it's enjoyable enough and pays the bills, but it's not much more than that.  I look at all those creative people on sites like The Selby or Freunde von Freunden and think how much I would like to be one of them.

Which leads me to the evolution of the nursery and how for me it's not just about making a pretty room. When I was born I didn't have a nursery, I was the youngest of four and didn't get my own room until I was seven. So to me, having a room that we are designing just for our baby is a big deal. And given my love of crafts and sewing why not fill it with things I have made especially for her? It has become a way of preparing myself as well as the space for the arrival of our first child. I love the notion that she will be surrounded by things that were handcrafted not mass-produced and essentially disposable. While doing this, I realized that maybe this would be the start of something more. A book of projects that I can share with other expectant parents (or friends and family of) so that they too can enjoy the unique ritual of making something with love.

And that's what I plan to do in the coming months. I already have a list of projects to create and I will use this blog to post updates on how its going. It will  be an ebook of nursery projects including throw pillows to more functional items such as laundry bags and changing table accessories.

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