Thursday, 23 December 2010

After Zambia

The photo above shows the gift I received from the Visual Arts Council in Zambia at my leaving party. The paintings are a triptych of an area in Zambia where I used to live - Katete. I was very moved to get them and also chuffed to find that they fit in my luggage.
I am back in the UK for Christmas and taking stock of things. It's weird to be in your thirties and to find yourself without a fixed abode, permanent job or any of the other things most people have that define them. '

Now begins the task of searching through what belongings I do have and deciding what to ship to the US and what to give away. I was very pleased to see all my crafty things again and they are a good place to start from in terms of building a new life. One advantage of the transitory life I have had is that you have less junk to sort through, and only what matters really remains.

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