Thursday, 4 February 2010

Craft Business Journal II – Like minds, research and plans

Lusaka is quite a small place really. When you meet certain people six degrees of separation seems an entirely plausible theory. After building my social network here I have found another ex-pat who is a sewing enthusiast and has made quite a good business from her creations.
After a few texts, I finally met her today and was really inspired by her work.

In a place like Lusaka where materials are difficult to find, it is invaluable to find someone who can give you essential info on anything from haberdasheries to shipping resources from abroad. My new acquaintance also gave me some advice on what sells here and when to sell certain things. Many foreign workers (of which Lusaka has a ton!) go home in the summer months, though here it’s the cold season, this is the perfect time to sell crafts inspired by local themes as they want to take them home as gifts and souvenirs.

I now have some solid tasks ahead of me; I need to think of some new designs but also some that are African inspired for May and June. I also have a sewing machine on loan for a week so I better get some stock together!

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