Monday, 1 February 2010

Craft Business Journal I: Plans and plans

As part of my blog I have decided to record my attempt to sell crafts here in Zambia in the hope some of my experiences might inspire other hopeful artisans.

Today is rainy and finally almost cold! It's Monday which for me means cleaning up the house after the usual weekend shenanigans. This Saturday we went to the big craft market that happens every month, I love it mainly for the food and in the hope of finding a good book to read at the secondhand book stalls. However this month I had other reasons for going; I wanted to research getting a stall there, I got all the info I needed and spent the rest of the time looking at what people were selling and how they set up their stalls. Thankfully there seems to be very little of the kind pieces I make and most needlecrafts there were quite 'Africany', which means my Zakka inspired stuff will be pretty much unique - yay!

I had the plan of getting stock together for next fair at the end of this month, but my terrrible, cheap sewing maching has decided it hates me. Now I have to make some money under my other guise as writer to get a new one, so things might be put off until then. I also need to work on getting materials, not too easy here as crafts are not big - dare I trust the post here to get some supplies online?

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