Monday, 25 January 2010

Quilting Plans

Even though I lived here before, I have seen so much in the time since we moved to Lusaka in September. I can’t pretend it has been easy, and coming back has made me realise I could never make Africa my home, but I also want to use my experience creatively. I have been mulling over ideas for a while now, but have come up with an idea in particular which I think might be the best. I want to try and document my time here with a series of quilts. In the past quilts were sometimes used as kind of pictorial journals but mainly in one quilt, with each block depicting an important even. I would like to try and make a number of quilts using different methods – appliqué, patchwork, embroidery, crazy patchwork.

It’s a big venture and I am always coming up with crazy and over-ambitious ideas, but I am going try this one out. Stay tuned for more.

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