Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

I dragged my feet for quite while about opening my Etsy shop, I naively thought I would be overrun. The opposite has been the reality. Sales are so slow! Part of this is due to it being Summer, partly it's the recession but I also decided to get some criticism of my shop.

It turned out that many felt my photos needed work as well as my banner. Well I have done the banner and I am planning to re -do many of my photos. Anyway I am pretty happy with the banner and I think it reflects my work more accurately than the first.

Another comment was that I should list more often, but this is hard when you work as well - needlecrafts can take some time. But I have at least built up my stock of cards and plan to work on my cross stitch ideas next month.

Making a going of being an artisan is harder than I thought, for sure, but it is no less enjoyable for that and I am so greatful to my fellow sellers who have helped me so much.

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