Monday, 8 September 2014

Baby Crafts

At 35 (almost 36) I am pregnant with my first child. We recently found out we're having a girl which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. My husband and I definitely dragged our feet about starting a family because we were too busy living in Zambia or moving to Asheville and having a wonderful time as a couple. A few friends that had become parents tried to convince me that it was an amazing thing to do that would change your life. "You'll never experience such joy and love" yeah, yeah.  "It's so fulfilling" great but I feel pretty fulfilled already thank you very much. Nope none of this was convincing. There was one thing they should've said that would've got me on the procreating bandwagon in a heartbeat. "You will have endless opportunities to do crafts!" What??? "You get to design a nursery." SOLD. OMG the crafts! There are quilts to be made and pillows and little baby things. AND there's the chance to make maternity clothes. Consequently I pretty much live on Pinterest which is my new favorite thing.  In the next few months I'll be posting what I make.  Then when the baby's born I imagine there will be a long silence while we navigate the chaos. I've decided on a zakka themed nursery which makes me very happy. On the board below a lot of the fabric or color choices aren't my taste, but the projects are great.

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