Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pimping My Boudoir 1: New Lamps from Old Lamps

Darn those cliches are such cliches!  Necessity truly is the mother invention.  We have been feeling meh about our bedroom for some time now. It's so very beige and so very dull. Color, as always, is the answer. So first came an easy fix - change our Target lampshades from boring white, to something more festive.

Covering lamps shades is easy! I had no idea, though a bit fiddly. I looked online for methods but a lot suggested making a paper pattern. This makes sense if you have a slanted, or odd shaped shade. Ours are circular and straight edged. So it was much easier.

Easy Way Yo Cover a Lamp
- Tape measure
- Scissors or rotary cutter
- Quilting rule and mat if using a rotary cutter
- Fabric glue (No Stitch is good, it's strong and dries clear)
- Fabric, big patterns work really well.
- Pegs or Clasps

- If your pattern has to be a certain way up, make a note of which way your shade goes
- Measure circumference of the lampshade and add one inch to this measurement
- Measure height of the lamp, add half an inch to this measurement
- Cut out your fabric accordingly
- Start at the seamed part of the lamp, add glue to this part and fix the edge of your fabric, ensuring a 1/4 inch clearance either side (this is for folding over later)
- Carefully add glue at regular intervals along the fabric and roll the shade CAREFULLY along the fabric
-At the end, dot some glue and fix the edge.
- Use the pegs or clamps to keep in place while it dries.
- Once dry, dot glue along the 1/4 inc fabric at the top of the shade, roll over the shade edge and clamp as you go.
- When this edge is dry, do the same with the bottom.

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