Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A 'room' of one's own

I have become quite the little space Genie! Remember all those weeks ago when I complained that sewing was a pain because I had to pull out and put away my stuff? Well I would like to present you with my solution. This closet was designed for a washer and dryer, but we don't have one so it has been a linen stroke, junk storage closet since we moved in. I had been putting off tackling it for a while but after constantly lugging my heavy sewing machine around, plus its voltage converter (my sewing machine is from the UK), vacuuming because threads are getting everywhere, I decided enough is enough.

As you can see I have started to use the walls for more storage but can't add extra shelves because this is a rental space. Instead I have used hooks to hang up things like scissors and rulers, the things that I need to hand the most. Supposedly the hooks can be removed when you are done, without leaving marks. The plastic drawers are actually full of food (the closet is also our pantry!) but I am going to add more open free standing shelves eventually to the left of the table once I have sorted out the box. The sewing machine is on a table I got from a rather famous American cheap store, and the light has a 'daylight' bulb, essential for looking at colours.

One day I will have a wonderful studio, but until then, this will do nicely!

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