Friday, 16 October 2009


Here are a few snapshots of our new living area. I love the wood floor and stairway. As you can see, we have a door that opens onto a communal garden, but we also have a little raised bed of our own where I want to start a small herb garden.
We are here quite temporarily so we don't have huge plans for the house itself, but we do want to make a nice living area. We recently got the first season of Mad Men on DVD and love the 1950s style offices with the dark colours, clean lines and the artsy prints and we are using that as our inspiration. As you can see the floor is an excellent start.
It's a lovely big space and I am not a fan of clutter, I am considering a scatter cushion area in the future though, with a mat. Anyway, we'll see.

I also want to make some quilt tops. You can get batting here but it isn't cheap. I am wondering whether to make patchwork covers for blankets in the cold season - a little like a duvet cover.

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