Monday, 26 October 2009

Ababa House – Craft Centre

One of the best things about the place we have moved to is its location. Lusaka is such a sprawling city, really built for cars and I don't drive. Walking is fine but at the moment it is so hot that walking can be exhausting. There are buses of course but they can be dangerous and the routes are quite minimal. I was really happy when I discovered that, not only is there a big supermarket 2 minutes away and a vegetable market 15 minutes away, there is also Ababa house about 5 minutes walk away. It's in a little complex where there is also a great café (more on So Eat about that!), a chocolate shop, a hairdressers and plans for more to come. It is a lush green compound and the craft section is quite well designed with rooms leading onto each other in a gallery style. They sell a lot from social projects that help local people, including an organization called 'Tribal Textiles'. Tribal Textiles print their own designs onto fabric and make wall hangings, cushions etc. They are based near South Luangwa national park and specialize in training local women of the area so that they have new skills and a regular income.

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