Thursday, 24 September 2009

Packing and Plans

Packing aah! I have had to move from one place to another on average at least once a year for the last eight years. As glamorous as that sounds, moving to Italy, Zambia etc. I am getting rather sick of it now. I am having to leave all my sewing stuff behind and a lot of my clothes, but this is not too heartbreaking. They'll be there when I get back (it will seem like new stuff)and it's a good chance to build up a stash in Zambia.

It's been ages since I sat down and did some sewing, either I have been plonked in front of the internet or getting ready to leave. I am cursing the fact we can't take sharp implements on the plane because it means I can't sit and work on this lovely kit I got as a wedding present from my new sister-in-law. It's so sweet and the threads she bought for it a gorgeous quality. She bought the kit from a place called in Raleigh, N.C.

I am getting excited about leaving especially since my husband might have found us a place to live that is really nice and I am thinking of all the cool projects I can start with the wonderful chitenges. Some of you may know about these because I blogged about them months ago. Chitenges are sold in 2 metre pieces and the women wear them around their waist as a kind of sarong to either cover themselves for modesty (the booty is mucho sexy in Zambia) or to stop you getting dirty. They are also used for carrying babies, items and much more. They come in wonderful patterns and are very cheap to buy. I can't wait to start a quilt (we will need a light quilt for cold season) but I also have ideas for more projects including clothes. Check out my other blog Scrapbook for a video about African fabric.
Some ladies modelling the use of chitenges, you can see they wear them as headscarves as well. The lady on the far right has one tied across her chest because there is a baby in there!
When you're pounding maize you can get quite dirty, so an old chitenge is the best apron or overall.

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