Sunday, 6 September 2009

Make Your Own Notebook

I have been trying to find a new notebook to take away with me to Zambia. Some ppl can make their notes and sketches on any old paper but I am a bit selective. The cover should be plain so I can choose to decorate it or not, the pages should be thin so that it is light for travel, but also means you get more pages per book (essential when I am out there where nice notebooks are hard to find) and the pages should be unlined. I succeeded on the first two but not the last requirement. Infruriatingly, all plain pages were in sketchbooks which meant they were heavy and thick. In the end I opted for Muji notebooks which are very nice, suitably nondescript but LINED! I am putting up with it and then found this amazing How To for making your own notebooks on Instructables. Will definitely try it when I have more time. It's a great website BTW, and you can download a lot of the How Tos as PDF files.

Make a 100 page Notebook - More DIY How To Projects

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  1. I love Muji! You can find similar notebooks from Moleskin - they are black with cream pages and are sold in packs of 3 :)