Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Delights for Etsy

I have been really enjoying my time off so far, pottering around, gorging on internet and stitching away. I am trying to work out a system whereby I try and list something everyday or every two days. I have come up with the formula of making a batch of things that take less time and then as I add each of those I can work on things that will take a little longer.

Here are my first items for the week, a keyring and some gift tags. I am quite happy with the keyring as it looks kind of anitquey and preserved. The lace adds to that feel .I was so thrilled to get keyring blanks that are made in the UK.
Next are my hummingbird gift tags. I think these turned out well and they quite fiddly to make, since the pictures are quite small. They come in a set of six. Today and tomorrow I will be working on the union jack coasters.

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