Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Biding My Time

We're in the middle of moving out of our flat, it's been a lovely place to live, but things have changed. My fiancee has finished his course and I have left my job. So begins a slow but sure packing process. Last week much of our stuff went back with my 'rents, including all my sewing stuff, or most of it anyway. This means I'm left twiddling my thumbs and avoiding putting the zip into the clutch bag I made for my wedding.

To occupy me, I have been making cards for my Etsy shop, which I am very happy with, including some for Christmas. On Saturday afternoon however, I decided to sit and do some designing for my new range of cross stitch magnets, keyrings and coasters.

I have had a go at PC Stitch, but still prefer to map out my initial ideas on graph paper. Can't wait to get my sewing bits together and get started.

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