Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Phyllis b launch - May/June 2009

I have been thinking about starting to sell my creations for a while now, and well, when I start to consider something that usually means I've already decided!
But I was dargging my feet over actually getting anything done, until I found out about a craft fair near where I live. The Stockton Brook Brownies are having a craft fair on 31 st May and when I first heard about it on Folksy, I didn't think it would be possible. Then I thought again and contacted them about booking a stall. There was one left, and it seemed like fate!
So now I am trying to put together enough stock to sell as well as sort out business cards and an online store for any future contacts I might make. I have decided to go with Folksy rather than Etsy for now. This is because it is UK based and I feel most of the people who may wish to buy from me after meeting me at the fair may be put off by Etsy's selling in dollars.
Committing to the craft fair has really forced me to take the idea of setting up a business more seriously and I am now much more focused. Sometimes you just have to go for it.
I am really excited about this new experience! I hope I sell some of my wares and I also hope this is just the beginning. My plan is set up my Etsy shop in June and if all goes well I want to do more craft fairs. So stay tuned!

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